Hello, I’m Different (The Mixtape)- Behind The Production

This Project is the new Mixtape by Mansfield, Ohio artist Taj Torrence. The Whole process took about about 1 year and 2 months. After the release of My Last mixtape  (Only Me: The Mr. Mansfield Story) I felt so encouraged and inspired to reach even higher for my dreams. So, I already knew that my next project would really have to make a statement. I noticed in my older songs I seemed to emphasize the fact that I was always different from others. I always saw being “different” as being artistic and Brave enough to stand alone. Being different to me is alot more that wearing odd clothes and trying to be weird, being different is a LIFESTYLE. So, Everything I do I try to Look at it from a different way, especially mentally.

This Mixtape has production by myself and a few very talented, hard working other producers such as my cousin, right hand man Kmeeze, He really went crazy on this one (haha). I remember him telling me he was gonna give me some “extra dope joints”, and as soon as I popped the Cd of beats in, I really couldn’t stop nodding my head. Im sure it looked kinda crazy from his view (haha). He gave me a CD with nine bcats, and I picked my favorite 4. After I chose the ones I wanted, he started to explain his upcoming project which came out as MANSFIELD’S OWN. So since we’ve always supported  each other’s career, We came up with the conclusion to release his project (Mansfields Own) and my project (Hello, I’m Different)  on the same day, FEB 28TH. With Kmeeze and I in the same corner, Its gonna be hard to contain us both.

When I released my last mixtape, Somebody hit me up on twitter and told me they knew somebody with some crazy beats named “E”. He gave me his twitter name and told me to get at him. When I clicked on his twitter account, I saw the name “5thElament”. I stated thinking like “I know I’ve heard that name before”, then I thought back about an hour or two and realized that he produced alot of songs for my homie CG’s last mixtape EGO. This whole time I happened to be in Atlanta, Ga. I remember being at my big home BASH’s house and checking out 5th’s Sounclick page giving Bash the “Ugh, you hear that?!” face. (haha). So, as son as I got back in town, I got a hold of 5th and told asked him to hear some beats. He came over, hooked up his laptop showed me a ton of beats, but I remember when I heard “Look Around” I was like yo, Let me get that one! (haha, with a few others) then the rest was history!

Me and my homie BEN ADDAI have been making beats together for about 5 years now. I remember going to his house after school and working on beats in like 9th grade, back when I was working on my rare “Mr Mansfield” mixtape. Iremember when he played me “Goin Down” I was like “YO, WHAT YOU GONNA DO WITH THAT”, he was like “IT’S YOURS G” So I took it home recorded two verses to it and I thought i was finished. Then, a thought came into my head like “it would be super dope if I got CG on this joint” So I hit him up and asked him if he was up for it, he said yes, and we made a classic. Ben came back over a couple of days later, we got to work on a beat in Logic (which was kinda new to us) he layed down the melody, and I took over the drums. It ended up having a very serious vibe, so i decided to touch on a Sore topic. I went in the booth, recorded it, mixed it, and we came out with “The Rush”.

Close to this time last year, I was in Atlanta, Georgia getting some work done with my big home, Concierge brother, BASH HOLT. While i was down there, he had alt of beats to show me, and we got alot of recording and producing done. When I left to come back to Ohio, Bash had already put a few beats on my hard drive, so all I needed to do was go home, record the vocals, and mix them. So after I did all of that I had about 4 songs total. But out of all of the songs I recorded during that time period, nothing had the swagger and bounce of “Something to See” I knew after I finished it I had to put it on my next project. I sent it out to Kmeeze and Bash.. They loved it just as much as I did. And thats how “Something to See” Came on to the scene. 

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