High Standards (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for “High Standards” from the project “Hello, I’m Different”.

One comment on “High Standards (Official Music Video)

  1. hey yo taj bruh first off congrats on this bruh you made a big believer outta me really cuz they told me abot ur music but alot kats as u kno in the field jus be on some other type of stuff with music but i jus heard ya stuff on here n bruh whooo blaze str8 fire with that being said i have my own clothing line out so i kno bout following dreams coming from a place like our home town (da Field) n im also stilll doing music but hit me up on FB i might have something for u HOW bout an A&R from Columbia records hes a good friend of mines whos helping me on my music down in florida and he dont listen to everyone but bruh with this of wat i listenin too ima have him check u out but get at me on FB n ill let u kno more once more bruh congrats

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